The blower door is used to quantify the air leakage of the entire building.

Do you need to do blower door testing?

New Construction Homes

A blower door test is now REQUIRED on all new residential construction in the state of Michigan as of January 1, 2015 (IECC), the Michigan Energy Code N1102.4.1.2 of the 2015 Michigan Residential Code. 

Not only do we provide the building air leakage test and documentation that builders need before inspection, but if the house does not pass the initial test, we can also provide the diagnostics in order to isolate where any major air leakage areas are so they can be efficiently corrected.

Existing Homes

The blower door is an essential tool that identifies many things that can be affecting your end results and the homeowner’s overall satisfaction with your work and their home.

  • Air leakage rate—Is the building air tight or very leaky?

  • Air Sealing—Will air sealing be a cost effective approach in lowering energy costs by keeping conditioned air in the home?

  • Ventilation—Is the building tight enough to require whole house ventilation?

  • Quality assurance—If air sealing measurements were performed on the building, what was the reduction of air leakage? The blower door is often used as a test-in and test-out procedure for both diagnosing problems and ensuring effective installation.

  • Sizing HVAC Systems—Contractors performing load calculations can input the data from the blower door to provide a more accurate sizing of the forced air furnace, air conditioner, or geothermal heat pump system.


While blower door tests aren’t required on existing homes, contractors that use them quickly realize they are well worth it. 


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