Anyone who has bought or sold a home is aware that a home inspection with the buyer is part of the process. Too many sellers wait until that point to discover there is a major problem with their listing, and the deal with the buyer hangs in the balance. This can all be avoided with a Pre-Listing Inspection. Here are 8 reasons why a Pre-Listing Inspection is so important:


  • The buyer’s home inspection is the main place in the process where the sale falls apart.

  • With a Pre-Listing Inspection, the seller can help avoid costly and unexpected surprises while also streamlining the sale process.

  • The Pre-Listing Inspection provides the seller with valuable information about the current state of the home. The seller can use this information to make necessary repairs or address any major problems before the home is ever listed for sale. Being a proactive seller and solving problems before the buyer ever sees them makes the whole sales transaction smoother and easier.

  • A Pre-Listing Inspection relieves stress and gives the seller peace of mind. Selling a home is stressful enough without the added worry of whether some major problem will be discovered during the buyer’s home inspection. Your Pre-Listing Inspection relieves stress because you know the sale won’t be delayed or derailed by unforeseen problems with the home.

  • A Pre-Listing Inspection helps you and your agent price it right. Setting the listing price is one of the toughest decisions when selling a home. Price too low and you lose money but price too high and you turn off buyers. Without a Pre-Listing Inspection you’re choosing a price based on the assumption that there are no necessary repairs or major problems. That’s a big gamble to make!

  • Improve buyer’s confidence in the condition of the home and net stronger offers with a Pre-Listing Inspection. Showing buyers that you’ve already done the legwork to ensure the home has any necessary repairs by having a Pre-Listing Inspection and list of remedies for any problems found makes them more comfortable making an offer in line with your asking price.                            * Note: Doing a Pre-Listing Inspection does not eliminate the need for the buyer to do their own home inspection during the buying process.

  • Avoid renegotiation with a Pre-Listing Inspection. Re-negotiations are a seller’s nightmare because the seller nearly always loses money during a re-negotiation. You can avoid re-negotiations with a Pre-Listing Inspection and by performing any necessary repairs uncovered in that inspection. Staying out of re-negotiations helps you avoid losing money during the sales process.

  • A Pre-Listing Inspection allows you to fix any major safety issues before agents and buyers are touring the home. A claim against your homeowners insurance for an injury that happened during a showing due to safety issues can harm buyer’s confidence in your listing. 


If you’ve never considered having a Pre-Listing Inspection, there are 8 reasons above that show why it’s an important step to take before you list your home for sale. Are you getting ready to list your home soon?


If so, call PINNACLE HOME INSPECTIONS to schedule your valuable Pre-Listing Inspection at 989.418.0987 today.


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