A Roof Inspection examines the integrity of the roof, notes any currently required repairs, estimates when additional repairs might be required, and estimates the overall lifespan of the roof. A Roof Inspection is separate from a standard home inspection. While many home inspections do include checking the roofing system, a roof inspection is a more detailed, in-depth evaluation of your roof.


What Does a Roof Inspection Include?


Experts recommend a professional Roof Inspection every 3 to 5 years, depending on the type of roof you have. Of course, if you suspect a problem such as a water leak, weather damage or animal intrusion, it’s important to have a roof inspection performed as soon as possible.


A Roof Inspection and certification with Pinnacle Home Inspections includes a thorough check of the following:


  • Evaluation of Shingles Roof Penetrations

  • Roof Ventilation

  • Active Leak Inspection

  • Gutters and Drains

  • Skylights, Chimneys, and Vent Pipes

  • Fascia

  • Sheathing (Inspected from attic at no extra cost)

  • Unusual Wear and Tear

  • Signs of Animal/Plant (moss/algae) Intrusion

Roof Inspection and Certification


A Roof Inspection helps you, as a homeowner, protect the investment you've made in purchasing your home and gives you peace of mind. Some homeowners insurance providers/policies require a Roof Inspection be performed every few years (check with your provider on their requirements). Regular Roof Inspection are important because by the time you notice signs of a leak, it could be too late to avoid major repairs, such as damage to insulation, mold growth and structural damage.


Pinnacle Home Inspections uses hands-on physical inspection of your roof.   In fact, our owner, Joseph Smith, has been walking roofs for more than 30 years. Many roofing contractors provide Roof Inspection and then offer their services to repair problems that might or might not exist. Pinnacle Home Inspections is an independent provider of Roof Inspection.   We provide an unbiased full analysis of your roofing. 


PINNACLE HOME INSPECTIONS proudly serves Clare, Gladwin and Isabella Counties, as well as many other parts of Central Michigan.  We have no affiliation with any roofing company and never recommend any repair or replacement unless we find actual problems with the roofing system.


To schedule your roof inspection, give us a call at 989-418-0987 today!


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