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Quality Home Inspections From A Trusted Company


Pinnacle Home Inspection has been providing services for nearly 30 years in Michigan.  We offer a wide range of home inspection services including:

  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

  • Pre-Listing Home Inspections

  • New Construction Inspections

  • 1-year Warranty Inspections

  • Roof Inspections


An independent review of a home to identify health, safety and maintenance concerns.


Our Services

Using Tools

Buyers Inspection

When buying a home it's important to have a solid picture of the condition of the home to avoid any expensive fixes or surprises down the road.  It is a small investment to ensure happiness with your future residence.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Get ahead of the game before interested buyers appear.  Be proactive before you put your home on the market and learn of any red flags that may cause a buyer to back out of a sale.


Blower Door Inspections

Blower Door testing has been in use for many years, but with the adoption of new Residential Energy Codes, it is mandatory for many construction projects in Michigan. We are trained and ready to help you meet your building requirements.

Water Quality Testing

Test your tap water for common and harmful chemicals, metals, and bacteria.  We offer specialized water testing to ensure the water you use each day is safe.

Roof Shingles

What to Expect When I'm Inspecting



Thermal Imaging

Detailed Report within 24 Hours

Outstanding Customer Service

Our Happy Customers

Thorough and complete inspections. I have used Pinnacle Home Inspections twice, and have been pleased with the results.

Cathy Richardson

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